What's with Marriage?

I just finished Iron Man I and about to watch the sequel and as I'm waiting, I feel like blogging, on the third day after the 6th anniversary. Perhaps something about marriage and miscellaneous thingy in life.

I have always dreamed of getting into marriage life, unlike what some of my same age female friends are thinking, ever since secondary school. I thought I should find a good (define as: successful in career, caring husband and responsible father) guy to tie the knot, have great (define as: smart, cute and not-so-troublesome) kids to live on a happy (define as: stable, problem-free and satisfied) family life.

Okay, I have found myself a husband, not so much like what I imagined but....good enough. He is one person who is kind enough to support me in many things of my life, save me from a lot of troubles that my other single friends are still struggling with (thanks to the BN-led government). Bought me a car, a house, don't really need to worry much about bread and butter, all I need to do is to have a stable job and able to feed myself (and sometimes my material greed).

So, here I am, a 27-year old married lady who thinks she is a lot capable than doing what she's doing, however does not know what to do. Funny?

Every time when I send my husband off to work, I see him leaving to work with a direction. He's not complaining about his job, despite the fact that I think his job is hard, because he has aims. Of course, I'm very happy that I'm in his plans and am always confident that he can work things out well. I should be satisfied but I am still not.

If you think that finding a very good guy can complete your life, you might be wrong. At least this doesn't work on me. So, moving on from marriage, there's still one big chunk of my life remains incomplete, and I need to figure it out on how to fill the gap.

The biggest thing I learn from marriage and relationship thus far, is that individual is very important. To love and take care of other people, first, I need to build my own life pathway.


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